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Canalia, your technical, environmental and sustainable textile fibers.

Our history

A story of men and determination

In the early days, less than a hundred enthusiastic hemp growers cultivated 400 hectares. Back then, in the 1960s, they delivered their hemp straw to their only customer, a pulp mill called SA des Papeteries BOLLORÉ based in Troyes.

This is how it all began. Come and discover our history.

Our products

Canalia, your technical, environmental and sustainable textile fibers.

All our know-how dedicated to our 3 complementary ranges of short, medium and long fibers for all your projects.

Our values

The cooperative model is La Chanvrière’s identity, and Canalia embraces its values to promote them in the textile industry: local, responsible, environmental, creative, innovative and passionate.

Our farmers

Canalia is the textile fiber brand of La Chanvrière: the passion and know-how of 700 farmers who have been working with hemp for over 50 years.

In the heart of the Grand Est region, it benefits from favorable soils & climate for high-quality production.

Our achievements

We are working closely with the brands in each step : yarn, fabric & clothing.

The qualities of our Canalia fibres are thus sublimated in concrete, value-bearing creations