Canalia is the culmination of a long R&D project to restore hemp to its former position in textile industry.

Immersed in the world of textiles by virtue of its geographical location in the heart of the Aube region, La Chanvrière has been working on this return to its roots since 2010.

Research began on long fibres. Faced with the difficulties posed by the need to rethink the entire process from harvesting onwards, La Chanvrière investigated in the meantime short fibres (for cotton spinning mills) & medium fibres (for dry spinning or woollen mills).

A true pioneer in development, La Chanvrière now offers 3 types of textile fibre adapted to different spinning mills and wishes to promote its fibres under a single brand.

Canalia is La Chanvrière’s brand for textile fibres.

And what about the history of La chanvriere?